Chair Massage

(15 min)

Concentrated massage to the upper back and neck to relieve stress and muscle tension-scheduled or as a walk-in as available.

Massage For Two

(60 min)

Couples, friends, mother/daughter, father/son experierince massage in the same room with a therapist for each individual. Great for your anniversary or other special occasions. Share this unique time togeather! Priced per couple.

Hot Stone Massage Treatment

(90 min)

Includes placement of warm stones underneath and on the body to maximize relaxation and to promote circulation used in conjunction with relaxation massage techniques.

Sports Massage

(60 min)

Full body or concentrated deep tissue sports massage and soft tissue stretching to reduce muscular tension and soreness from athletic activity and to enhance athletic performance.

Aroma Therapy Massage

(60 min)

A full body massage that includes a blend of essential oils and specially selected scents that are used to achieve relaxation or other results.

Reflexology Massage

(60 min)

Enjoy a relaxing reflexology session! This soothing treatment includes a warm foot soak followed by a detoxifying scrub, adding aromatherapy oils of your choice, to help relieve stress and promote relaxation. Your feet will then be massaged to make you feel energized and to flush out the build-up of toxins and tension to help improve your overall sense of well-being!

Legs and Feet Massage

Pampering massage to both legs to relax and revive.

Deep Tissue Massage

(60 min)

Full body or concentrated deep tissue massage to reduce muscular tension and soreness from activity and to promote muscle and joint flexibility. Will improve tolerance of normal activities of daily living.

Relaxation Massage

(60 min)

Full body or concentrated relaxation massage to reduce muscle tension and soreness and to promote a sense of well-being.